Saturday, June 5

don't (point and) shoot!

"if you take enough of them, you can get away with bad photography..."

Maybe it's the switch to typhoo tea bags that has fuelled me to start writing down my thoughts, but i've been lead to believe that you're a photographer.

My which i mean you take photos of literally anything and everything: as long as there is plenty of depth of field, you can take a picture of a piece of shit in black and white 35mm then wax your arse in preparation for the branding.


I'm not thrilled by thing whole ideology that anyone can be a good photographer due to the technology we have...

At the same time, I'm not really interested in the people who use film after film of 35mm taking pictures of nothing: never really having an idea of what you want to take photos of, you just dive into it blindly, just hoping that you'll end up with something to put on a flickr account.
i know we're not all studio photographers and we work in the field, but come on, is it really that hard to have a theme? something consistent through a series of photographs? 
I've seen some of my friends start to develop their own way of working, having concepts before they go trigger happy, and this i encourage



  1. I agree. Although I do often just go shooting with no concept, just because I feel like it.

    I agree with the film thing too. Film is wonderful, it really is, but that doesn't mean you should just shoot everything on film just because it will look good no matter what.

    Nice post:)

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